HPO - ORDO Ontological Module (HOOM) sparql

HOOM is a module that qualifies the annotation between a clinical entity and phenotypic abnormalities (by using the Human Phenotype Ontology (HPO)) according to a frequency and by integrating the notion of diagnostic criterion.
Hoom is maintained by Orphanet (INSERM, US14).
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Direct access to our sparql endpoint


Example Of Queries

Our sparql Endpoint is in a beta test phase. Beware if you want to use it in a production environment

  • From an Orphanumber, getting the disease label, its associated HPO IDs with related frequencies, sources and dates of the created associations.
  • send the query

  • Get the number of Disorder-HPO associations.
  • send the query

    HOOM Docker Image

    A Blazegraph Docker image which embed HOOM is available here in order to play local queries.
    Blazegraph is a standards-based, high-performance, scalable, open-source graph database and written entirely in Java.
    For more information, see Blazegraph website.

    A Linux host is prerequisite, with Docker machine installed.
    More informations about running the HOOM container are available in the userguide.


    User's guide

    For other types of products please contact us through the tab "contact"