Orphanet nomenclature files for coding

The Orphanet nomenclature is used to code the diagnosis of a rare disease with a unique and time-stable identifier, the ORPHAnumber (also named ORPHAcode) in order to facilitate data collection, research and analysis. These files provide the computable information necessary to achieve the implementation of ORPHAnumbers in Health Information Systems, and ensure easier and accurate coding. Orphanet provides a set of files in XML format, including: the Orphanet nomenclature file, the Orphanet ICD-10 mapping file and a directory containing the Orphanet classifications files. These files are generated and made available once a year, in 9 different languages: Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Spanish.
The previous versions and their related change logs remain accessible and downloadable in the dedicated RD-CODE Github repository.

ORPHA Nomenclature Pack (JULY 2019)
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Detailed description of the Orphanet nomenclature files for coding
In order to visualise previous versions one can check history at the RD-CODE Github